Data Management Solutions

At Digital Wake, we understand that data drives the world and effective Data Management Solutions are vital. We have years of experience integrating Data Management Solutions into custom web applications and custom mobile applications. As a result, we are well-skilled in management of data population, migration, and reporting between proprietary systems. Furthermore, our Data Management Solutions integrate seamlessly with existing data infrastructures and share the available data in new, exciting ways!

Data Management Solutions Digital Solutions

What Features has Digital Wake Integrated into Data Management Solutions They Have Developed?

Digital Wake is a custom development shop that can meet a wide variety of feature requests. Most noteworthy, we have custom web-based administration portals that allow for easy visualization and exploration of data. Specifically, these portals include modules for user management, automated email reports, and on-line and downloadable reports. As a result, users can easily review the success and value of the broader technical solution. Additionally, Digital Wake has implemented data transfers with some of our clients’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The Data Management Solutions we create can integrate seamlessly into your existing data infrastructure.

Data Management Solutions

For Which Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Does Digital Wake Have Experience Integrating Data Management Solutions?

Digital Wake has developed a number of custom web applications and custom mobile applications that communicate with ERP systems. These ERP systems include PeopleSoft and SalesForce. Thus, we have experience working with the PeopleSoft API and building apps on the SalesForce Lightning platform. Unsure how to get data from your existing ERP systems to your employees? Don’t worry; Digital Wake can work with you to determine a solution that meets your requirements!

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