Training Solutions, eLearning and Courseware Development

The Digital Wake team has decades of experience designing and developing Training Solutions, including eLearning and Courseware. As a result, our experience influences everything we create. The foundation of any effective training solution begins with a thorough analysis of the subject matter and target audience. Because everything we create conveys a message to someone, we apply this analysis process to everything we do.

Digital Wake works closely with our clients to understand how they wish to have their workforce transformed. We help identify the intended outcome of any lesson, and then develop training objectives and a clear learning plan that ensures meaningful knowledge transfer. Ultimately, everything we create is about informing people through thoughtful, clear, and effective messaging.

Training Solutions eLearning Courseware Development Digital Solutions

Can Digital Wake Design, Develop,and Deploy SCORM-Conformant Courseware?

Digital Wake has extensive experience designing and developing SCORM-conformant courseware. We have used many versions of SCORM, up to and including xAPI (TinCan). Digital Wake is also able to produce courseware at all levels of interactivity. We have created everything from microlearning to level 3 simulation-based training. Digital Wake even has experience developing level 4 3D-based real-time simulations. Our pool of talented and experienced instructional designers and technologists can successfully meet all your training needs.

Training Solutions eLearning Courseware Development

Can Digital Wake Help Maintain Existing Training?

Digital Wake provides development support on an as-needed basis to maintain existing training for our clients. As a result, we have extensive experience working with a variety of development tools and environments. We also assist with converting existing training to new formats. Most noteworthy, Adobe Flash will no longer be supported by the end of 2020. Therefore, training materials created with Adobe Flash may not function correctly after this transition date. If you have Adobe Flash training materials you need assistance converting, we can help you at any step of that process.

Training Solutions eLearning Courseware Development

Which Technologies Does Digital Wake Use to Create Training Solutions?

Here is a list of the technologies Digital Wake has used to develop custom training solutions, eLearning and Courseware:

Digital Wake also has experience developing training Solutions, eLearning and Courseware with the following “out-of-the-box” development tools:

  • Adobe Captivate
  • Articulate Storyline
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