Client: AmannGirrbach America (AGA)

AmannGirrbach America (AGA) needed a mobile iOS application to assist their sales representatives in marketing the company’s many products and services. Furthermore, the application would need to be deployed to mobile devices for use at tradeshows and other business development events. Finally, to engage prospective customers, the iOS sales application would also need to have an interactive component to it.

Self-running sales application version allowed AGA to setup a pool of iPads at trade shows in order to educate potential buyers.

Preloaded and rolled out iOS sales application to over 30 Sales Representatives.

Deployed as an iPad iOS application for mobile viewing.
Services: Custom Mobile Application Development

In collaboration with Legacy79, the Digital Wake team developed two separate, mobile versions of the iOS application. The first application served as a self-running overview of AGA’s products and services. Once loaded onto iPads, the application could facilitate the use of the iPads as mini-kiosks during tradeshows. Subsequently, after triggering the presentation, the prospective customer could explore AGA’s products and services without having to interact directly with a sales representative. The second application included a guided presentation targeted towards AGA’s sales representatives. Furthermore, this sales application trained the client’s sales representatives on AGA’s products and services and also supported them during sales calls and client meetings.