The International Bank of Commerce (IBC) was looking for a way to educate its current and prospective customers about banking applications provided by the company. Hence, the chosen medium for the project included online training and courseware development. Furthermore, the solution needed to provide an engaging educational experience and also be an effective marketing solution. With these requirements in mind, the solution would also need to be self-paced. In other words, current and prospective customers could learn about the client’s offerings in an exploratory manner.

Effective online training, courseware development and marketing solution

Interactive and engaging courseware to maximize IBC employee’s experience
Services: Online Training and Courseware Development

Working closely with the client and utilizing different media types, Digital Wake created engaging and interactive courseware utilizing Adobe Flash. Furthermore, the solution included marketing content and software simulations which demonstrated the many features and ease of use of the client’s banking applications. Altogether, the client deployed the solution via their website and marketed it to their current and prospective customers.