The Law Offices of George Salinas, PLLC is a San Antonio & Austin based law firm focused on personal injury law in Texas. Subsequently, the Law Office was looking for help creating new branding and developing a consistent marketing strategy. In order to boost their online presence they were also looking for assistance in developing a strategy for social media content creation. Finally, the Law Offices of George Salinas were looking to have a responsive, multilingual website developed that supported multiple office locations.

100% Rebranding for The Law Offices of George Salinas

Multilingual website (English and Spanish)

Content development strategy
Services: Branding, Multilingual Website Development and Marketing Strategy

Digital Wake worked with The Law Offices of George Salinas to design and implement a new branding solution. Specifically, the new branding solution included a rollout in social media, a new website, stationery and e-mail signatures. In addition, results from the capabilities analysis for the branding solution were used to design the site map, content strategy and marketing strategy.

Digital Wake developed a responsive, multilingual website for The Law Offices of George Salinas that supports multiple office locations. Furthermore, Digital Wake setup and structured the management of the company site within a Content Management System. Simultaneously, we setup social media accounts and developed a strategy for content creation on these platforms moving forward. The development and implementation of this content creation strategy was essential to ensure a consistent online presence.