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Digital Wake is constantly researching the latest web development methodologies, technologies and tools to meet our client’s digital needs and expand our capabilities. Consequently, we continuously come across topics that interest us. Moreover, we enjoy sharing our findings with the community when we can. In fact, one of our central tenants as a company is to give back whenever opportunities present themselves.
Similarly, you can find updates on our latest social activities and community involvement in the San Antonio and broader South Texas region. We will also share news on our latest work when we’re able to do so.

The Benefits of Virtual Reality and Serious Games Training

Over the last two decades, virtual reality and serious games training have emerged in educational settings. However, this movement has not gone without skepticism. Critics assert that these training methods are not as effective as instructor-led classroom training or live exercises using real equipment. It is also possible that some learners hold a similar critique by attributing “guilt by association” to these training methods. The thinking goes that any type of computer-based training must mean another boring CBT. Furthermore, there is also the critique that virtual reality and serious games are more for entertainment. Therefore, the thinking goes that they …

Micro-learning Exercises: The Power to Motivate Learners

If you are from the training or education world, “micro-learning” is likely not a new term for you. A Micro-learning Solution, which is a short 3-5 minute learning segment focused on a specific outcome, can serve multiple purposes. Micro-learning Exercises can provide opportunity to practice a specific task (not unlike a part-task trainer). They can also help fill “downtime” while learners/students are otherwise waiting to perform that task for an instructor (or teacher). This in turn allows learners to hone in on one specific challenge they seem to have (e.g. based on an assessment score), or providing training at the …

Brighton Center’s Taste of the Northside

As a company we are committed to actively supporting our local community and organizations – including the Brighton Center. Since we started Digital Wake we have donated our time and money to support organizations and causes that benefit our community. And every so often we get to support a great cause and enjoy quality time with friends and family. One of our initiatives this year is supporting the Brighton Center by becoming a sponsor for Taste of the Northside, one of the best Fiesta events in San Antonio! For one all-inclusive price, you get to savor delicious cuisine from 60+ …