Client: CST Brands, Inc.

CST Brands, now Circle K, was looking for an entertaining way to provide computer-based training (CBT) to various team members. Furthermore, the target audiences for this training would be diverse and include corporate employees and customer service representatives at over 1,900 convenience stores. Lastly, each audience group would receive a varying set of content based on their responsibilities and some courseware solution would need to be distributed in English and French-Canadian.

Integrated Custom Computer-based Training (CBT) into the CST Brands LMS

Provided to over 13000 team members

Multilingual – Presented in English and French Canadian

Digital Wake provided on-site support to CST Brands to develop a collection of computer-based training (CBT) solutions. Specifically, this collection included instructor-led training (ILT) materials and CBT courseware. Furthermore, Digital Wake integrated all courseware into CST’s existing Content Management System (CMS) and developed it in close consultation with varying organizations within the company.

Digital Wake deployed computer-based training for CST to over 13,000 employees at over 1,900 locations in the United States and Canada. Subsequently, some CBT courseware required multilingual support in both English and French-Canadian. Additionally, a custom courseware system was used to support content distribution in both SCORM 1.2 and 2004. Finally, the courseware Digital Wake developed helped re-inforce CST’s new branding rollout.

Digital Wake introduced animated videos and custom illustrations into the computer based-training, expanding the scope of CST’s courseware experience. In total, we provided support in the areas of Course Program Design, Instructional Design, Videography, Photography, Graphic Design, Computer Programming, SCORM Packaging and Testing.